Kiki Vandeweghe's Niece Called Out Carmelo Anthony For Being Soft


NY Daily News- Her uncle, Kiki, once drafted Carmelo Anthony for the Nuggets. Her grandfather, Ernie, played for six seasons with the Knicks.  And on Wednesday at Wimbledon, after knocking out the No. 11 player in the world in a second-round match, CoCo Vandeweghe took the time to explain why she thinks Melo is the anchor dragging down the franchise and how Phil Jackson might well have blown the draft.

“I just feel that Carmelo, he is a bit soft,” Vandeweghe said, after her second-round, 7-6 (5), 6-4 victory over Karolina Pliskova. “And now this is just my own personal opinion. I think he is soft. I don’t think he has a killer instinct in his eyes, at least this last year.  “And I also think he needs people around him that have that killer instinct, because then that brings it out of you,” Vandeweghe said. “And with him taking such a high salary, I think that kind of handcuffs the Knicks in being able to get those types of players that are getting big contracts. There’s no way around that.”


Well there you have it folks.  The last shred of Melo’s street cred has officially been eviscerated.  Because it is impossible to come back from a women’s tennis player dissing you (unless that tennis player is Serena.  She can verbally murder anybody she pleases).  Carmelo came into the NBA as the player with cornrows that helped end Syracuse’s national title drought as a freshman.  Add in his (true) home city being Baltimore with the Stop Snitching video, and Melo basically had all the street cred one could ever want.

But then this fight happened (and every copy of it on YouTube looks like it was recorded with Vaseline over the camera lens).

Melo moonwalking away from a fight after throwing a cheap shot got the ball rolling to the point where a woman that has an Uncle Kiki called him soft.  A sad, sad day indeed.  Add in his front office drafting for the future during his prime and guys choosing to play in Milwaukee over playing in New York, and this has to be one of the worst weeks in Carmelo’s life.

It’s moments like this where Carmelo needs to remember the good times when he was snuggling up with panda bears in China.  Not many people have ever cuddled with a panda bear before.  I went to the San Diego Zoo two years ago and refused to wait on the two hour line to see the pandas.  Biggest regret of my regret-filled life and I think about it every day.



P.S. Kiki Vandeweghe is easily a first ballot Hall of Fame sports name.  Kiki anything would be on the ballot, but Kiki Vandeweghe is legendary.