Google Photos accidently Tagged Black People as Gorillas

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SOURCE-“When Jacky Alcine looked at his Google Photos app recently, he was appalled by what he saw. The facial recognition software had tagged pictures of him and a friend, both of them African-Americans, with the word “Gorillas.”

Ok, I’m not usually one to agree with a public apology, but even I can see where this one went wrong. I guess I guess I woke up and saw that Google not only racially stereotyped me, but also thought I looked like a Gorilla, I’d be pretty pissed too. Although, it’s not a person doing this, it’s a software. So maybe you really do look like a Gorilla. I can say that because I can’t tell if they do or not. I think my favorite part about this story is the post telling Google “y’all fucked up”. As if they were having a real heart to heart with the website. I should get on this Google Photos shit though. Maybe I’ll find out what offensive jungle animal I look like. Eh, I’m sure the comment section will take care of that.