Kid Rock & Scott Stapp Are An All-Time Sex Tape Duo

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On the last episode of the Twisted History podcast, Large and I went over the most infamous sex tapes and scandals. It was a great nostalgia trip downloading viruses while remembering Paris Hilton's horrible 2004 night vision sex tape, Kim K's 2007 tape lacking effort while on ecstasy with Ray J, and of course Tommy Lee on his honeymoon with Pamela in 1995 driving a boat with his massive erect hog. 

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I thought I'd seen every sex tape out there that piqued my interest, WRONG. Scott Stapp from Creed and American Badass Kid Rock once filmed themselves getting blown by groupie strippers, then had a massive falling out years later when the tape got leaked.

While the two musicians were on tour with Metallica in 1998, Kid Rock invited Scott Stapp over to his trailer to get hammered and party with groupie strippers. One thing led to another, and the experience was recorded. The tape is nothing special necessarily, but at one point in the tape Scott Stapp says "It's good to be king." Legendary. 

After the tape was released in 2006, Kid Rock told MTV hosts his fans weren't upset he got caught hanging out with groupies after a show, but his fans were wondering what the hell he was doing hanging out with a guy like Scott Stapp. Savage.

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