This Girl Sums Up The Main Reason Why Guys Shouldn't Put Their Height In Their Tinder Bios


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Emily’s got a point here. I don’t get why guys put their height in their bio in the first place but I always hear girls talking about so I presume it must be a regular thing. Is it only tall guys doing it? Because while I do believe you should exploit everything you have to your advantage, there are probably other ways to prove it. Like photos of you looking tall or reaching shelves or hanging out with a chick in big heels. The pictures can speak for themselves, putting your height in to show off is like writing that you have a Ferrari or you’re uncircumcised but don’t have a lot of smegma; show, don’t tell.


And so begins another Tinder Roundup, coming to you early just in time for the rare but always appreciated Summer Thursday where no one wants to be working past 3pm. Remember to follow me and send me your screenshots on Twitter (DMs are open for confidentiality) and let’s kill some time before blowing things up in the name of America this weekend.



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We’ve seen a lot of pregnant moms since starting the Tinder Roundup but an actual breastfeeding mom? Free the nipple and all that but not if it’s spraying curdled tit milk all over the place (via Lach)



Well I guess that explains how you ended up in this predicament (via DH)



I respect a woman who demands a man multiply his dick by pi before hitting her up (via BS)



Honestly a pretty fair trade even if maybe she should be trying to go gluten free instead (via PB)



Nothing about this makes sense so I hope she’s just an aspiring rapper calling herself “the Black Adolf Hitler” and she’s slightly better at spitting bars than Tiko Texas (via Bz)



Janna’s “frat bro serving Jungle Juice” dating strategy has its merits (via SB)



Say what you will but that’s a hell of an Instagram handle (via Dorm)



With tits that absurd the “Bigfoot getting caught in a forest” filter is the only one to go with (via CC)



Even Michael Scott’s Asian impression at The Dundees looks at Mitsuki and goes “Damn going in a little hard on being Asian, champ, at least take ‘studying’ off your bio” (via JM)



This week’s reminder that maybe you wouldn’t fuck a tranny but you’d have to respect how her Tinder bio sounds like a Craigslist listing for an overpriced apartment (via CC)



Well thanks for clearing that up, I’d have no idea otherwise (via NMC)


Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.01.58 AM

Here’s one Tinder chick who probably isn’t pretending to be into anal. Missionary for conception is always the main course (via Drain)



I believe her (via JK)



The white power fist is a nice touch (via AB)



Her Connect Four analogy sounds more like she’s got multiple vaginas than it does her being interested in unconventional banging but, still, would (via GB)



This chick was in the blog last week as being into some sort of nonsexual little kid play…this is not nonsexual and REAL FUCKING CREEPY now (via B)



I am only in on this if the implication is that we’re bartering sex for labor here. Lord knows trying the migrant workers at Home Depot hasn’t been paying off (via JC)



I’m not sure I believe her but I’m not sure I’m courageous enough to find out (via Mick)


And the hot/NSFW ones…



Fitting that her bikini has a bow on the ass because Madison seems like a gift that keeps on giving (via a bunch of dudes but Patrick sent her first)



Real hot if it’s me or you seeing this, probably not as hot if you’re the boyfriend (via ME)



This dog is not nearly excited enough about those tits



Generous of spirit, that’s what I’d call Alexandria (via LBM)



It must be the worst on her underwear modeling fashion shoots when they have to bring 10 extra pairs because her hips and ass keep eating them all (via ALR)



#tinderchicksloveanal (via EM)



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#DPpowermovesonly (via K13)



“Honey why does your girlfriend’s breath smell just like your father’s? Strange coincidence” (via AJ)


And this week’s NSFW cherry on top (via DM) is a sweet girl with nothing to hide who must be doing her squats. Have a great 4th of July, send me your screenshots on Twitter, and happy swiping!