Sheep Takes A Piss All Over A Reporter During Live TV Report



Utter and complete disrespect.  That’s a Job Changer.  What’s a Job Changer, you ask?  A Job Changer is an occurrence that, when it happens, means you should change jobs immediately.  A Job Changer can be anything.  It’s really personal preference.  You decide what a Job Changer is and what isn;t. A classic JC (Job Changer) example is getting drunk at the company Christmas party and viciously making out with an ugly co-worker in front of everyone including the CEO.  There’s no coming back from that.  That’s your identity now and you gotta get out.  Or sending a Reply All e-mail to the entire company talking about how stupid the place is and how you wanna burn it to the ground.  Or when your company doesn’t offer you health insurance.  Each of those things is a Job Changer.  The second it happens, you need to start looking for another career pursuit.  Getting pissed on by a sheep is for sure a Job Changer.  That’s it.  You’re now the guy who got pissed on by a sheep.  Nothing he ever does can change that now.  He could break the news about a cure for cancer and people would still say, “Remember when he got pissed on?”