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Arab Guy Feels Up A Mannequin On The Street, Might Be The Loneliest Person In The World



look around to see if anybody is watching, kiss her boobs, grab her ass, swipe, walk away like a boss


Play on playa!  Play on!  That’s the loneliest man on the planet.  Right there. We found him. Fondling a mannequin in the middle of a busy street in broad daylight.  Barely even tried to hide it.  In his defense, don’t you dare sit up there on your high horse and tell me you’ve never seen a mannequin and wanted to cop a feel. It’s human nature. Maybe you’re on a little bit of a dry spell and the plastic doll modeling this summer’s fashion trend at the Gap starts looking pretty good.  It happens.  Some of those mannequins look so damn life like that you might be gay if you didn’t feel a little something something in your plums.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Remember when George saw the mannequin that looked just like Elaine?  He almost came in his pants right then and there.  The difference between us and that guy is that an alarm goes off in our brain that says, “Don’t go up to that plastic life-sized doll and grab it’s ass and swipe your hand through it’s vagina like it’s a credit card machine.  Don’t you dare do that.  You’re better than that.  Not to mention there’s cameras everywhere and it’ll end up on Barstool.”