Are You As Smart As This Fisherman? Brand New Barstool Outdoors Merch Is Out Right NOW!

This fisherman pictured above is somebody who just GETS IT.  Aside from walloping flounders, she knows how to spot hot merch and a good deal when she sees it.  If you buy a shirt, we will post your favorite Outdoors picture on the Outdoors story and if you buy a sweatshirt, I will blog your picture and review your catch/kill like the old Viva La Stool galleries from back in the day.  Could be a funny picture of your friends, or you could just be proud of a beautiful animal, but either way you'll be in the mix.  Whitetail Deer and American Alligators are two of the most iconic animals to grace the United States of America, it was about time we got some corresponding gear to celebrate them... GET YOURS RIGHT NOW!

P.S.  I know a ton of our Outdoors merch is sold out in almost every size.  I hear your concerns am working on getting them re-stocked.  Thank you to everyone who has cleaned out all of these items, I love you and we got lots more on the way!