Billionaire Snapchat CEO And Former Stanford Frat Bro Evan Spiegel Is Banging Miranda Kerr?

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US Magazine – Ten seconds and then some! Miranda Kerr has a new billionaire in her life — Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel. According to an eyewitness, the supermodel, 32, was spotted getting cozy with the 25-year-old tech giant at a Venice, Calif., eatery on Saturday, June 27.

“They sat at the bar and were making out,” the observer tells Us Weekly of Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife and Spiegel, who has been dubbed by Forbes as the world’s youngest billionaire. “They were really into each other.”

This FUCKING guy Spiegel. Just a reminder this dude is 25. Twenty five years old. Net worth – $1.5 billion. I’ll write that one out too – One point five BILLION dollars.

Last time we heard from him he was having his “misogynistic” Stanford frat emails leaked and getting lambasted by the internet.


I know, I couldn’t believe it either. That a 20 year old college kid would send bad raunchy jokes to his friends over private emails talking about drinking and partying and peeing on girls.

Bear in mind this was after he had turned down a $3 billion cash offer from Zuckerburg, and had told Zuck to come visit him because he refused to go to Zuck. Got described as, quote, “brash, cocky, and arrogant” by the likes of Forbes and Business Insider (ever heard of them?). Became basically the most hated guy in the tech world while re-inventing and revolutionizing the dick pic and sext game.

And now? Just casually smashing Miranda Kerr. No big deal. Just the supermodel and Victoria’s Secret angel we all grew up dreaming of having the chance to just catch a quick glimpse walking by, he’s taking to bed every night and probably making a bunch of 10 second NSFW Snap videos with.

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Did I mention he’s 25 and worth 1.5 billion? Meanwhile I’m blogging about him at 28 with a net worth of – *pulls up checking account* *pulls up credit card bill and subtracts* – well…at least it’s a positive number this time.

Life ain’t fair. Just ask Spiegel.

“I am a young, white, educated male,” Spiegel once said during a conference in 2013. “I got really, really lucky. And life isn’t fair.”