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Davante Adams Mic'd Up While Catching Aaron Rodgers' 400th Career Touchdown Pass Is Awesome

"I was disrespectful on that." Yeah, I'd say trying to take a defender's head off is being a tad disrespectful. Refs thought it was clean though and that's all that matters!

Pretty cool moment for Davante Adams being on the receiving end of Aaron Rodgers' 400th career touchdown pass on Sunday. He sure as hell was not going to be denied the end zone when he caught that ball on the 5. You would've had to send an army of men to realistically stop him. He knew the situation. Before the game he literally told everyone what was at stake and to not throw the ball into the stands like James Jones did for Aaron's 100th career score. You want to get on Aaron's bad side? Punt his 400th TD 50 yards into the stands. Tae made sure everyone was on the same page.  

Adams tells himself he's going to score no matter what anytime he's that close, and it shows. Dude likes to pretend he's back on a basketball court in those spots or at the line of scrimmage to shake the defender and there may not be anyone in the league who does it better. 

Love how Rodgers immediately knew Adams had also caught his 200th touchdown. 

As far as I'm concerned it's Mahomes-Hill and Rodgers-Adams as the best offensive tandems in football right now. I still can't get over this throw and catch that led to the 400th career touchdown.

Also this quick breakdown of Adams being quadruple covered freeing up Tonyan over the top shows the impact he has on plays where he doesn't end up with the ball. Bears practically sent the whole team at him on this play and that's what you have to do to stop him. Unfortunately for defenses there are other guys on the field to guard in those instances. 

And a quick side note, I've always been curious just how warm this absurdly large sideline blanket jackets are. They must be a million degrees to look that ridiculous right? Something I'll never know being a blogger like I am, but I imagine it's basically the temperature of the sun in there.