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Wake Up With Prince Fielder Snatching A Fan's Nachos During A Game

Prince Fielder was a legend on the field for many reasons. Being a bigger guy, hitting a ton of home runs, being one of the most durable players in baseball, and also eating a fans food right off the plate during a play. Foul ball hit behind first base, Fielder, who was actually a really good fielder, ranges back, but the ball is outta his reach. Bounces into the stands, no harm, no foul, right? WRONG. As the fans are looking around for the fly ball, my man in the first row leaves his plate of nachos sitting right there in his hands for all to see. Prince, a thicker man, never misses a chance for a snack, he jumps right on it. Grabs a nacho chip or 2 and gets back to the game. Big mistake not dipping in the cheese first, you'd think he'd have known to dip it. Oh well, can't pass up a free mid-game snack. Love me some Prince.