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Wow! ANUS's Nick Turani Captured A Dog Butt That Looks EXACTLY Like The Viral IKEA Monkey

Lisa Lin. Shutterstock Images.

Ok, so stick with me on this and it will all piece together. 

First up - a quick refresher of 2012's viral IKEA monkey as told by Mental Floss:

On December 9, 2012, shoppers expecting a traditional IKEA shopping excursion got something else. Sprinting between cars in the store’s adjacent two-level parking garage was a primate decked out in a tailored faux-shearling coat and a diaper. Barely a foot tall, the gimlet-eyed creature scanned the growing crowd around him looking for any sign of his keeper. Several of them snapped his photograph.

In less than an hour, animal services would arrive to collect him. In less than nine hours, he would become an international news story.

The headline people seemed to love most was "Stylish But Illegal Monkey Found Roaming Toronto IKEA". 

Now take one more good look to get this image burned into your mind before I cue Nick Turani:


At work the other day Nick arrived with exciting news. He was walking down the sidewalk when something transfixed him on a dog up ahead in a little blue coat… There was something familiar… but what??

His mind racing to figure it out, he admitted to following the dog & trying to get a closer look when it hit him… 

Mother of God… 

This dog's ass looked exactly like that IKEA monkey!

When you're a blogger and you stumble upon something like this it's hard to sit on it and do nothing, but right away he knew there was a problem; he'd get accused of stolen valor if he posted it. You see, this dog's asshole wasn't the only sheriff in town… Other dog assholes have gone viral in previous years for looking like the IKEA monkey:

So who would believe him? No one wants to be accused of that. Quite the pickle & waste of terrific sleuthing & photo.

Also, despite a thriving ANUS, Nick's more in the business of actually being funny as opposed to low-brow butt humor which is more my wheelhouse. If he wasn't going to take the risk & blog it I asked if I could & was given the green light. So I swear he didn't just find this IKEA monkey dog butthole on the internet - this was one he truly discovered with his own two eyes & captured himself. 

I'd say this one not only trumps the other IKEA monkey dog butt, but it also rivals that of the other popular dog butt genre - pug butts that look like Jesus.

Something to think about, indeed. 

Thanks to Nick for his eagle eyes and the free blog. I simply couldn't let that coincidence go to shit.