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Enough People Bitched About Cardi B Spending 88K On A Purse That She Decided To Match Her Followers' Charitable Donations To Make Up For It

On Sunday, Cardi B asked her followers if she should spend $88k on a purse and as you can probably imagine, people were not having it. 

Honestly, I see both sides here. Obviously unemployment is at an all-time high, and with COVID cases higher than they've ever been (crazy how numb we've become to the staggering figures), we don't know when things will necessarily improve. On top of all that, the Christmas season is already a stressful period without the weight of 2020. Right now the last thing some people need to hear is some rich ass person debating whether or not they should drop $88k on a purse. Insensitive. Tone-death. Moronic. Whatever you want name it, I hear that. 

But just how people can criticize her for publicly asking an idiotic question, Cardi B can do whatever the fuck she wants with her $88k. Why someone would want to spend that much money on a purse is beyond me, but it's not my money and as such, it's none of my damn business. Especially when Cardi B has historically donated a shit ton of her own money in the past and in 2020. 

All that to say, public shaming has its advantages! She disappointed so many people that, in the end, Cardi B decided to match whatever donations the public had already made.

Don't ever let anyone tell you that bitching doesn't have its advantages!

It only took thousands of complaints for Cardi B to make secondary donations to nonprofits who otherwise wouldn't have received her money. Sure, the donations may not be coming from her heart, but who gives a fuck - a donation is a donation. 

Cardi B may have just set the most generous precedent of all time: the more you whine, the more she gives.