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Baker Mayfield Dropped A Primo Dwight Schrute Quote In His Post Game Presser Today

Baker has become quite the polarizing figure since his rookie year. Not to say he didn't come into the league with people both firmly in his corner and strongly rooting for him to fail. But after having a great rookie year, landing a slew of endorsements, and cranking up his shit talk level to 11, his sophomore flop turned the small target that was on his back into a giant neon sign. 

But for the most part, he's got it together this season. Today he had a career day, including a first-half for the ages, going 20-for-25 with 290 yards and four touchdowns. 

While Mayfield had been middling in the past four weeks—completing only 57.3 percent of his passes for 716 yards (7.5 yards per attempt), two touchdowns, and one turnover—he performed at a high level on Sunday. Mayfield’s 334 passing yards rank as the fifth most he’s thrown in a single game, and his performance came on a day when the Browns defense shut down one of the NFL’s most efficient offenses. That made it one of Cleveland’s best showings of the year—at least through the first half.

In textbook Cleveland fashion they allowed the Titans to get back into the game in the 2nd half but it wasn't due to Mayfield turnovers for once. Baker finished having completed 25 of 33 (75.8%) with 4 TDs and a 147.0 Rating. The best stat line of his pro career.

The press conference has always been a strong point of the Mayfield package. He loves serving up a good sound byte. When they were winning his first year everybody ate it up. But you can't be funny and cocky when you suck. That just pisses people off, especially your fanbase that just wants a playoff appearance more than they want love, success, and health for their children. 

But respect for dropping a great Dwight line at the perfect time and not forcing it. Well done sir well done.

p.s. - apparently last week after beating Jacksonville he dropped this Ron Swanson quote.

If this is becoming a trend, so long as the Browns win and he plays well, I don't hate it. 

p.p.s. - looked everywhere for a clip of Dwight's loyalty quote to make a joke about how if Cleveland ever releases him or he leaves here's the perfect quote to drop but couldn't find it anywhere so here's 30 others of Dwight K.'s best work