Chick With Supposed "Perfect Ass" Used By Top Denim Brands To Create Their Jeans


Daily MailIn the world of denim, only one butt reigns supreme – and it’s not Kim Kardashian’s or Jennifer Lopez’s highly-coveted derrieres.  Natasha Wagner, a 34-year-old model from Los Angeles, has the best booty in the country according to the premium denim industry. Her ‘perfect size six’ figure is hailed as a ‘secret weapon’ by a number of the world’s most popular denim brands, including 7 For All Mankind, Paige Denim, Levi’s and Citizens of Humanity, all of whom have been counting on her backside to help them create the ideal fit for the past 14 years. As Jennifer De Clark, the senior director of women’s design and merchandising at 7 For All Mankind, explained to Vogue: ‘Natasha’s curves are in all the right places.’  She continued: ‘And having the perfect proportions is key to a great jean that will fit many different body types. She is the perfect size 28!’ Black Orchid designer Julien Jarmoune also noted that Natasha, who is 5’8″ and slender with a hint of curves, has the ‘perfect marriage of body types’.  With her 28-inch waist she is the median in the standard range of jean sizes, which typically run from a size 24 to size 32.  ‘A jean that is fit on a straight body will never look good on someone who has curves,’ Julien noted. ‘That’s why Natasha comes into play perfectly. She has the best of both worlds where she’s slim and she still has shape.’ Julien added that Natasha’s above-average height helps her fit his brand’s 30-inch leg inseam ‘flawlessly’.  Natasha explained that fitting jeans on a small size 24 model would flatten a size 32 woman’s behind, while using a size 32 model would result in jeans that have ‘too much curve’ for customers with straighter figures. 

I understand what we’re talking about here. The “perfect ass” for designing jeans is very different than the “perfect ass” when it comes to instagram. I realize this article is not voting on the best ass that you’d like to see slapping off your body reverse cowgirl. I realize we’re not debating which ass we’d like to pull shorts half way down over and shake it like they do at the beginning of pornos. We’re talking about a practical ass to design some jeans. Theres a shit ton more average white girls with pancake asses that need to buy jeans that fit them and this chick is the perfect mannequin for that.

But I just want to make sure we’re all on the same page here. I need to speak up for the male delegation and let it be known that this is not a “perfect ass.” I dont want girls going and getting any ideas that this is the ass you should be striving for. Tossing around words like “best” and “perfect” and “flawless” is ridiculous. I’m glad your jeans fit, babe, but that ass aint nothing to write home about. “Best Asses” are big, round, juicy cheeks that make jeans a nightmare. Chicks with the best asses make instagram videos struggling to pull jeans over their fat asses. Jumping up and down and shaking those cakes. If you “fit perfectly” into jeans you most certainly dont have a “perfect ass.”