Grandma Whoops Some Ass After A Lunatic Customer Throws A Giant Bottle Of Hand Sanitizer At Her Grandson

NY POST - Doris Campos fought back against the customer last Friday at Panchita’s restaurant in the city’s Mission District, NBC Bay Area reported.

The patron, a woman, grew agitated when her pickup order was not ready, the report said, and first began yelling at the restaurant’s manager, Doris Vargas.

“She was just throwing profanity at me and at that point my son was getting dropped off. He naturally climbed onto me,” Vargas told the outlet.

Whoever coined the term "the customer is always right" was a fucking idiot. While the customer may not be wrong in the majority of cases, all too often the customer is either ignorant or a complete and total asshole who feels entitled to a power/right that should be reserved only for those who are not absolute shitheads. 

But alas, here we are: in a world where a woman is so pissed she has to wait for her to-go order, she decides to scream death threats at a woman carrying a baby. 

The grandmother places her hands up, motioning the customer to stop, but her tirade continued.

“She say, ‘I just want to kill your daughter blah blah blah,’” Camos told the news station. (Note: anytime a 

Look, I get it, I get hangry too. 

But under no circumstance is it ever ok to intimidate a woman carrying a baby with murder and gigantic bottles of hand sanitizer. 

The customer then grabs a small bottle from the counter, tossing it behind her, before chucking a 5-pound bottle of hand sanitizer toward Vargas, who was holding her son.

More importantly, you must be some sort of moronic imbecile to do something like that in front of a baby's Latino grandmother. 

“I’m thinking, if it hit my grandson, I mean, I do whatever I have to do,” said Campos. “That’s all. I wasn’t thinking at that moment.”

I wouldn't advise anyone to mess with any granny bear, but you definitely don't want to mess with Latino granny bear because they - and I can't emphasize this enough - do NOT give a fuck. They will stab a bitch if they have to (Uela, here's looking at you), but ain't nobody going to hurt their family. 

The moment the Sam's Club supersized sanitizer flew in the direction of her grandson, it was like a light switch went off. She chunked the woman's to-go order at her and immediately proceeded to corral her ass down to the ground with the counter. 

That there is the benefit of being your own boss: it's your restaurant, you can beat bitches up if you want to. And in the end, maybe getting disgraced and humiliated was exactly the lesson this nasty customer needed to learn in order to not be such a piece of shit.

Bravo granny, bravo.