Baby Yoda Is Finally Making It To The NHL

If you're a betting man, I highly suggest throwing a futures pick on Chris Driedger to win the 2021 Vezina Trophy. His job in net just got at least two times easier. Because there won't be a single shooter in the NHL who will attempt to go up high on him this year. They can't risk accidentally ringing one off his dome and messing up Baby Yoda. 

And with the way they can design goalie gear these days, all Driedge needs to do is get some Beskar leg pads. We're talking at least 20 shutouts coming up in a shortened 56-game season. Little Grogu helmet, beskar leg pads, and these reverse retro jerseys has me thinking extremely long on the Florida Panthers this season. 

I just feel bad they'll be paying Bobrovsky $10 milly to sit on the bench every night. Tough break. 

Sidenote: While we're talking about hockey gear, these are all pretty sick. 

Can't wait to watch Bobby Brink score a baker's dozen goals while leading Team USA to a gold medal victory in those bad boys.