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Cubs Broadcaster Len Kasper Leaves The Cubs (Because We Suck Now) FOR THE WHITE SOX RADIO JOB

Not much to say that I don't capture in the title or in my reaction video. Absolutely embarrassing right now to be a Cubs fan. I'm sick to my fucking stomach. Heart of hearts says a guy like Len Kasper just can't cash paychecks from Joe Ricketts. Can't wear a suit during broadcasts. Can't put up with dumb Marquee Network management and the vile people associated with it. Can't watch the team we all know and love get ripped apart anymore so he's moving on...


Make me sick to think about but that's the reality. The White Sox are moving up and the Cubs are literally one of the most pathetic orgs in baseball right now. Non tendering $8M Kyle Schwarber despite a career 113 OPS+ LOLOLOL fucking cheapskakes. 

Len sees the writing on the wall along with several other people. I can't blame him I'm just disgusted. 

To White Sox fans - you're getting an all time A+ class act professional. I absolutely love the way Len Kasper calls a baseball game. He can get a little cheesy at times but he's always 100% himself. He's dedicated to his craft as much as anyone on that field I shit you not. You will love how much he loves his job and the game. One of the industry's best, and a complete head scratcher that he's out the door from the Cubs. 

This says a lot about the state of the Cubs. Absolute fucking joke right now. Good luck spinning this one fellas.