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I Tried The Kardashian FaceTime Prank On The Barstool Office

The Kardashians posted a video on TikTok where they FaceTimed famous celebrities/family members (who are also famous celebrities) and then froze while they sat together like a family portrait. They got some reactions of people being both very confused and very scared. It's rare to see the entire Kardashian clan together at once. Seeing them all sitting still probably sent shivers down spines. Tristan Thompson likely saw his life flash before his eyes. 

I figured I'd try out the trend with my co-workers around the Barstool office. How would my friends react to getting a random FaceTime from a frozen Tommy? Well, those are the results I got. It's so crazy how everyone here around here does this prank about not liking me. So fucking funny. If I didn't know any better, I would start to maybe take these hints and think maybe they don't actually like me that much? Nah, can't be it. Love these people!

For comparison's sake, here's how it went for the Kardashians. Slightly different I guess.