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Isles Continue Rolling, Ink Anders Lee Through 2019

And there it is. Garth continues his hot streak and adds a checkmark next to #27’s name. After years of questionable moves out of the team’s front office [Minus the Tavares and Okposo deals] it is clear Snow has hit his stride, and signing Lee long-term(ish) is the perfect way to start off Free Agency.

Can’t wait for Lee to be a 27 year old/35 goal scorer, all for under $4Mil a year.

Isles players signed through at least 2018 you ask? Bailey, Kulemin, Halak, Grabo, JT, Lee, Hammer, Leddy, and Boychuk… with Nelson and Strome expected to extend within the next couple of days. Gunna be a fun couple of years folks.

PS – I’m Connor, the guy who saved you all from another year of bandwagon blogs …. Vrrrooommmmmm