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The Only Thing More Impressive Than Baylor Last Night Was This Dude On Their Bench Mob Flexing And Holding People Back

I want to talk Baylor. You want to talk about Baylor. We should all be talking about Baylor. What they did last night was so fucking impressive and should start the 'yeah, let's all actually take Baylor serious' talk. Jared Butler and MaCio Teague didn't play great last night but they still beat Illinois by double digits. That's the sign of a fucking awesome team, because Illinois is legit. But the difference with this Baylor team to years past is how they can just blow a game open offensively. It was a 5 point game and 90 seconds later, Baylor was up 12. They just have so many guards that can spread you out and attack. 

Oh they also have a guy that's making a case for the best bench mob guy in the land. He was electric all night. Any time they threw a lob to Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua my eyes darted to the bench. He had ELITE speed to get to the front of the bench, one of the more hilarious things about this season. They have chairs all spread out for coronavirus protocols and this dude was running a 3.0 40 to get to the front and flex. He even started the hold me back. Dude, you're 20 feet from the floor. You don't have to hold anyone back. Granted, I laughed so I want this move to keep happening. 

Back to Baylor for a second. The fact we're getting Gonzaga vs Baylor on Saturday is fucking unreal. It's pretty clear these two teams have put themselves in their own tier. More importantly, I love that Jalen Suggs wasn't seriously injured. I want to see him vs Baylor's defense. I want both teams at full strength. I'll say this real quick. What Scott Drew has turned Baylor into is the greatest rebuild in sports history. Considering where the program was off the loser and real piece of shit Dave Bliss and all the sanctions and everything like that to making Elite Eights and now being back-to-back seasons of a top team in the country? Insane. We're talking about Baylor here. It's not like they have history. It's not like they've been good. It's fucking Baylor. 

That said, I love watching this team. Drew changed Baylor from this unique zone team to running a man defense last year that forces everyone baseline. It's amazing to watch as a nerd. It's also what we saw last night. They forced Illinois away from where they were comfortable. They applied pressure and switched everything. Again, it helps when you have arguably the best defender in the country in Mark Vital.

Get us to Saturday.