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Hold Up, Malik Beasley Called His Shot With Larsa Pippen Two Weeks Ago On Her Instagram?!?

Full disclosure, I'm way too hooked on this Larsa Pippen/Malik Beasley story. I blogged it yesterday because Scotty Pippen Jr. just started liking everything about how embarrassing his mom is and shit like that. 

But now people are out here finding out he commented about it two weeks ago? Maybe I gotta give him credit for that. You go to her Instagram and publicly say you're going to take her out while you're married and go through with it? Maybe he's a better player than we give him credit for. Maybe he's ready to step in a new role with the Wolves. Then again, his wife probably thinks differently

All things considered this might be the funniest tweet of it all though

Bro you were walking around in public with Larsa Pippen. The fuck did you think was going to happen? You were commenting under your own name on her Instagram apparently. It's 2020! People fucking love the Internet. There are people that spend all day looking for crazy shit like this. Then again, it might be for his suspension that's coming

Memo to all NBA players: If you just tell Larsa Pippen you want to take her on a date, it's 1-for-1 on working. Allegedly of course. Anywho, here are pictures of her because you know that's why you clicked. 

And here's the post in question