Second Round Ti.K.O Finally Now On iTunes - All Proceeds Still Being Donated To The Family Of Officer Moore

Well, iTunes really fucked me on this one. Ordinarily songs take 24-72 hours to post, but since we submitted right in the final stages before Apple Music was unveiled, it all got delayed. I think they just lumped in a lot of pending songs and published them today right as Apple Music went live. Really just couldnt have been a shittier coincidence with the timing. I guess there had to be some element of the KFC Mush to my music career.

But, I already promised I’d be donating any money from sales of this song so thats what I’m gonna do. Cant go back on that now, and neither should you. I know its been out for a week. I know its on Spotify. But the original plan was to buy on iTunes and donate the money to the family of Officer Moore, who was gunned down in May, so thats what we’re gonna do. So even though you’ve already heard it and you’ve already put it on your favorite Spotify lists, just do the right thing and drop 99 cents. I realize the horse is kind of out of the barn on this one and that we inevitably lost a huge chunk of people that would have purchased initially last week, but if enough of you still buy it we can still send the Moore’s a nice chunk of change.

A lot of people were willing to drop $24 for shirts for our first NYPD fundraiser. Literally everyone should be willing to spend 99 cents.