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Pizza Hut Worker Goes Full Hand-Down-Pants While Making A Pizza

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Metro- Or in reality, this was the stomach-turning scenario that one fast-food lover encountered when they went to Pizza Hut – and found their server passionately exploring the untold depths of his nether regions. The disgusting sight was spotted by two girls in America, who quickly took a snap of the worker in order to name and shame him. Posting the image on Facebook, one of the girl’s mums – Sandy Breitlinger, wrote: ‘My daughter and her friend were in line waiting on our Pizza and the guy there kept his hand down his pants playing with himself the whole time. ‘The girls actually took pictures while that sat there. They called to ask for a manager to let him know what occurred and spoke to a Zack, who informed them he was the manager and he’d speak with the other guy.




The word “savage” has become cliché at this point but that’s fucking savage.  No other words describe that type of behavior.  What the hell man?  You’re out in the open!  People can see you!  Smartphones exist!  And that’s what makes it so savage.  He didn’t even try to hide it. He simply stood there and fondled his cock and balls while sprinkling cheese atop a pizza.  That type of behavior should be punishable by death.  This is another area where smartphones are both good and bad.  Like is it better for the health and safety of everyone that goes to that Pizza Hut location that this guy gets fired and maybe even thrown in jail?  Of course.  God knows how many pizzas have had a little bit of his fromunda cheese on them.  On the flip side, ignorance is bliss.  Before smartphones we didn’t have people snapping pictures of shit like this.  We were blissfully ignorant of most shenanigans that took place at fast food places.  I always just assume that, over the course of a year, I eat something……….. horrible from a fast food place at least 3 times. It goes with the territory. I don’t need iPhone pictures confirming my suspicions. It makes it way worse.