So Now the Monolith That Appeared in Romania is Gone Too

We've mentioned the monolith that showed up in the middle of Nowhere, Utah only to be unilaterally taken down by a group of fuckwad Hiker Karens who took it upon themselves because didn't want anyone else to be able to visit it. And we've brought you the story of the identical one that popped up in Romania shortly thereafter. And now we have an update on that. 

Source - A metal monolith that appeared in a Romanian town just days after a similar structure disappeared in Utah has also mysteriously vanished. ...It was spotted just yards away from the well-known archaeological landmark the Petrodava Dacian Fortress, a fort built by the ancient Dacian people between 82 BC and AD 106. ...

[O]vernight on Monday, the monolith suddenly disappeared as quickly as it arrived.

Robert Iosub of the Ziar Piatra Neamt newspaper, who had seen the structure, told MailOnline: 'The 2.8 metre (9ft) tall structure disappeared overnight as quietly as it was erected last week.' ...

Its disappearance adds to the intrigue after a similar monolith was recently found in the Utah desert.

But it also vanished at the hands of an 'unknown party', sparking wry speculation that it could have been the work of aliens. ...

Local Romanian mayor Andrei Carabelea said on Facebook: 'There is no reason to panic for those who think there is still life in the universe.

'My guess is that some alien, cheeky and terrible teenagers left home with their parents' UFO and started planting metal monoliths around the world. First in Utah and then at Piatra Neamt. I am honoured that they chose our city.'

I appreciate Mayor Andrei Carabelea's sass as much as the next guy. I can't remember the last time a mayor in the States said anything that wasn't announcing lockdown rules that apply to everyone except for themselves or pretended to give a shit about their local teams while making a bet with some other mayor of clam chowder for deep dish pizza or whatever. But seriously, this is no time for the jokes. 

Somebody is seriously fucking with the world's collective head and I for one am in no mood for it. UFO activity is on the rise. The US Department of Defense is gradually coming clean about an alien presence on our world. They've admitted they have vehicles that are "not of this Earth." For all we know these things could be a precursor to First Contact. Because if you're going to prank an already jittery planet, what's the point of doing it on some random map coordinate in the middle of the Utah desert or high on a hill next to some time-of-Christ fort in Romania? Why wouldn't you do it off some interstate or in the middle of Central Park or some place it could be found? 

And if it is just some art project or Millennials punking everyone, I think I speak for the entire species when I say I'm in no mood. This is a time for serious research into the paranormal, not sending people on Scooby Doo Gang mystery chases that turn out to be just some caretaker in a ghoul mask. Mayor Carabelea needs to take this more seriously. Because even if it is just a goof, it's a dangerous one. His flippant attitude might just inspire more copycatters in more obscure or remote towns looking for attention. What he needs to do is get his best scientists and his best detectives on this to find out if it was of extraterrestrial origin or to bring the bastards who pulled this to justice. 

In the meantime, let's have no more of this. We barely got over the clown thing from a few years ago and I've had enough of this monolith thing already.