'It Felt Good Because I Kinda Hate Duke' - With One Simple Quote After A Massive Dunk, MSU's Julius Marble Became America's Hero

It doesn't take much to win over America. All you have to do is say a line that everyone knows. You hate Duke, you're good in my book. I just love that Julius Marble actually spoke out and admitted he hated Duke. Way too many times people just sit there and play nice, probably because they know Coach K will burst into their locker room and lecture them. And that's only the case if he doesn't grab a kid during the handshake line to lecture them publicly. 

Speaking of that game. We'll stick with Duke for a second. Last night showed what I was trying to say in my Reags Report blog. They have two separate lineups that are just impossible to blend right now. They have a defensive lineup and an offensive lineup. It's almost like they have to go with a legit football lineup to get there. Michigan State couldn't score let alone dribble to start the game and Duke just couldn't blow the doors open. 

As for Michigan State, I was impressed. Not going to lie that I wasn't super high on them while they tried to figure out life in the backcourt after Cassius Winston. But Aaron Henry was the best player on the floor last night by a mile. He also may have been the best coach. 

Rocket Watts also really made a huge jump yesterday too with 20 points. That was key with Joey Hauser in foul trouble pretty much the entire first half. But then there was Julius Marble who came off the bench with 12 points in 12 minutes. More importantly he hates Duke. Might be my favorite player in college basketball this year now.