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If Anyone Knows What The Fuck Don Sweeney Is Doing Please Let Me Know

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When you trade your 22 year old, future franchise d-man for a couple of draft picks then you really, really have to do something nuts to make that move look sane. And that’s what Don Sweeney just did. I’m actually pretty speechless, to be perfectly honest. I thought for sure that trading Dougie Hamilton for no return would be one of the dumbest things Sweeney ever did, but he didn’t even make it 72 days before one upping himself.



Zac Rinaldo for a third rounder? He has 24 points in his 4 year NHL career and he’s way more of a scumbag pest than he is a “tough” guy who plays “Bruins hockey.” I wouldn’t want Zac Rinaldo if he came for free, let alone for a fucking third round pick. If anyone can make sense of what’s happened here then please feel free to let me know. Because as I see it the only options are the Bruins are tanking for Auston Matthews or Don is mad at Jeremy Jacobs over something that happened during his playing days and this entire thing has been a long con to work his way up to GM and destroy the franchise from the inside. Nothing else makes sense. Total and complete disaster from the team these last few days, both from a PR standpoint and an on ice product standpoint.