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The McRib Is Back And You Can Get One For FREE If You Shave Your Beard & Embarrass Yourself Online

It's nice that they're partnering with No Shave November for this but I'm still not sure what kind of loser you'd have to be to participate in such a thing. You'd have to be incredibly lonely, possibly attention hungry, and of course, desperately physically hungry as well. So it goes without being said tha... ope!

There goes Kate being wAcKy again, you guys ha ha

But ok fine, I'm genuinely a sucker for this stuff. When I was a little kid my Granny would collect 'freebies' all year long & then they'd wind up in my stocking at Christmas. A tiny Viagra clip board?! Three AAA stress balls shaped like cars? Bank lollipops? I legit loved digging through the haul, and now I myself am quite the freebie connoisseur. 

Not to brag but I once slept outside a Philly-area Chick-Fil-A on a beach chair in the middle of a February deep-freeze for a years' worth of chicken sandwich coupons. Another of my proudest accomplishments is winning an Applebee's Riblets contest with the lamest Tweets ever right after my divorce (I'll show him!). It was quite the journey:

So wish me luck. I didn't really look into the rules or anything but hopefully by tomorrow I'm holding a luke-warm, sloppy McRib in my grubby little paws, and for FREE.