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Good News: I Fell In Love With Arielle Kebbel While Watching Ballers Last Night



For a moment I thought my Sunday night was going to be completely ruined by a god awful episode of True Detective last night. But then Ballers came on and my night immediately became better due to it’s bomb dot com intro. And then I almost completely forgot that True Detective is even a show when Arielle Kebbel showed up on the screen looking sexy as shit as smokeshow reporter Tracy Legette. She was in one of those American Pie movies that you can watch on Comedy Central at 9 am on a Sunday, but it wasn’t until last night that she gave me that old fashioned romantic feeling where I’d do anything to bone her. So since most of us could use a little pick-me-up on a Monday, here’s more of Arielle Kebbel.



Oh and Anabelle Acosta, the chick who plays Ricky’s slampiece is also a total babe.



So yeah, we’re only 2 episodes into Ballers so it’s still too early to tell how the show is going to be. But it’s entertaining so far and if they keep throwing ass and tits our way, well then count me in for the long haul.