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Did Someone Find Matt Patricia's Burner Account?

You have to have a lot of empathy for Matt Patricia. He's smart. A good guy. A Stoolie who had the audacity and courage of his convictions to wear a Goodell Clown shirt to the Super Bowl. 

And he's such a Football Guy that he got a job right out of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute designing submarines and making more money than either of his parents ever did. But walked away from it after he had a "Boys of Fall"-like moment where he went by a football field in late August and missed the game too much. So he went back to coaching and worked his way up to the height of his profession. 

You have to admire a guy like that and feel for him at a time like this. Because it seems like being associated with the worst franchise of the Super Bowl era took it's toll on him. Maybe even broke him. At least temporarily. I don't know how else to describe it if this is, in fact, Patricia's burner account has been found.

The Big Lead - Looking at Eddy P's account, the person behind it makes a compelling case. He did not tweet once during during any of the games which Patrica coached this season, which is odd for such a passionate fan. The tweets were all on September 3rd and 4th and then tonight, two days after Patricia was let go. 

Every tweet is a reply to another tweet about the Detroit Lions, with most of them specifically about Patricia. 

Twenty-one of Eddy P's 30 tweets feature the words "Coach Patricia." 

Matt Patricia's middle name is Edward. 

Eddy P's bio says he is a "dad of 3." Matt Patricia has three children. 

His bio says "tech nerd." Patricia graduated from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

If he really a big Lions fan, surely he would have found time to tweet about the Lions during the Lions' season. Instead, he waited until after Patricia got fired to jump back online and tweet things that sound an awful lot like first hand accounts.

If true, the only shame in Patricia being @EddiePLionsFan is that this is what being associated with the Detroit Lions will do to a man. They're like the One Ring, that will drive even the most honorable man with the stoutest heart mad. A franchise with such low standards they gave Rod Marinelli three full years and didn't fire him until after he'd finished 0-16. And Patricia tried to elevate them. Improve the culture. He brought in a whole star chamber of former Patriots players who had the dedication and commitment to become champions. And even that didn't work. He was like the Morgan Freeman or Michelle Pfeiffer character in every movie about  a teacher who goes to a tough school full of underprivileged kids. But instead of reaching through his combination of to tough love, discipline and believing in themselves, they drove him into rehab. 

So if this account does belong to Matt Patricia, I understand completely. He's not the one who should be embarrassed. The NFL team that drove him to this should be embarrassed. But I don't think an organization that's 0-8 in the playoffs in the last 29 years is capable of being embarrassed. 

Today, we are all @EddiePLionsFan.