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Notre Dame Has The Next Great College Basketball Villain; Dane Goodwin

First things did you guys like that semi colon in the title? I am not going to lie, I have no idea how to properly use a semi colon. Not even sure if I am spelling it correctly to be honest. Maybe because I didn't go to Notre Dame. You who does go to Notre Dame basketball's most punchable face; Dane Goodwin. I fucking LOVE this kid. I stumbled on to the ND-MSU game over the weekend and I literally watched maybe 30 seconds of the game and Goodwin posted some kid up, got to the rim, and then threw a look at the little shrimp PG who was trying to guard him. It was clear as day to me that Goodwin was the best kind of asshole in college basketball. I mean look at his face. Look at his hair. Look at his eyes. He's mouthy. He's cocky. He's PERFECT. If he went to Duke, he would be the heir apparent to the Laettner, Reddick, and Grayson Allen. He'd be a household name. EVERYONE would hate him...but not me. This is my kind of guy. Instantly identified him as the anti-hero of college basketball and apparently I was right. My DMs were flooded with people from Ohio who hate his fucking guts

And the best one yet...

And here is proof that it happened

Now, I don't know dick about college basketball at this point in the year, so I asked Reags if ND was any good and he said no. He said that the Irish were predicted to finish 12th in the ACC. You can't keep Mike Bray down. Especially now that he has an all-world villain on his team. The Irish need to be good so the world can learn to hate Dane Goodwin and then when he hits an absolute DAGGER to knock out someone in March I can give them the double bird and tell everyone that is my fucking guy. That is what I want for this college basketball season and nothing else.