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Lady's 30 Pound Breast Implant Deflates Annnnnnd Yup, It Looks Terrifying

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(Source)A woman with 30lb breasts who was told by multiple plastic surgeons that it would be impossible to remove her massive implants, has finally has finally had them taken out – despite the risk of the tissue on her bust turning black and dying during the complex procedure. On Sunday night’s episode of E! reality series Botched, Dee Stein, 53, from Los Vegas, traveled to Los Angeles to meet with surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow in the hopes that they would be willing to take on her ‘impossible’ case and reconstruct her breasts after removing her engorged and deflated implants.  ‘Dee’s case by far in away is the most difficult, scariest, challenging, nearly impossible that I have ever seen or ever heard about in plastic surgery,’ Dr Dubrow explained. 




I’m not necessarily a person who has a leg to stand on when it comes to gross titties, but even I have to say that this chick’s left breast is one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen in my life. Legit looks like a nut sack with one huge nut in it. Remember that guy who used to have to carry a milk crate around to rest his oversized balls on? That’s what’s stuck to her chest. Just a big, gross, saggy nutsack. I’m glad Dee’s story is being heard though, could be an important deterrent to keep girls away from breast implants (I’m a natural guy). People always say “Don’t get a tattoo, they look ridiculous when you age” but no one ever says “Don’t get breast implants, when you get older they’ll explode and your tits will look like a Halloween pumpkin that was left outside for 5 months too long.”




PS – Didn’t look half bad in the early days though.

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