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The Nevada/Pacific Game Is Delayed Tonight Because Pacific Apparently Had No Idea When The Hell The Game Was Scheduled To Start

Hell yes. This is what I've been talking about all year when I talk about wanting AAU basketball style. We're getting that with Bubbleville and now what's going on in Vegas. Teams just aren't leaving, scheduling games in the middle of the night and getting new opponents when they wake up. It's honestly perfect for this season. Why not? Teams are just fighting to get to 25ish games and you do anything possible to get there. Schedule as much as possible. But now we're really blurring the lines of an AAU Tournament. Pacific just having no idea what time the game started is perfect. It's AAU Bingo at its finest. If you played, you know exactly what I'm talking about. There has been more than one occasion in your AAU lifetime where a game was delayed because a team showed up too late and said they had no idea about the schedule. It's typically the same team that has 4 new guys show up at halftime in a different jersey. 

This is actually going to be a good game too, which makes it even better that this is happening. I like Pacific a lot - coached by Damon Stoudamire, so you know they are cool as shit too. I've talked about them tonight considering I'm on Pacific +5.5, but their backcourt is no joke. I have no idea what this means from a betting standpoint. I'm a little nervous they are going to be all off on their routine now. Either way, this season is fucking hilarious.