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Logan Paul May Have Just Ended Jose Conseco's Life


The new flavor of the week is challenging Jake Paul to a boxing match. Everyone and their mother challenged him after he made quick work of Nate Robinson. And let me say my 2 cents about Jake Paul- he legitimately seems to love boxing and is training nonstop. This isn't a joke to him, and I think he will eventually start fighting actual boxers to see how he matches up. But until then, I'm sure he'll take a few more "celebrity" fights. Until an hour ago I wouldn't have bet Jose Canseco could go more than 30 seconds with Jake Paul. And now I'm not sure he can get into the ring after being put 6 feet under.



Giphy Images.


He's dead. Deceased. Done. 

Unbelievable tweet from Logan Paul. In case you aren't sure who he is referring to, he's referring to Jose's daughter, Josie, who he used to date.


This is Josie:






I think Josie said it best….



Sorry Jose. 1st round KO for Logan Paul.