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The Washington vs Steelers Game Has Been Moved To Monday Night Football



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Most fan bases love seeing their team in prime time. The bright lights. The whole world watching. Not mine. Not my Washington Football Team. We are something likeeeee 1-22 in our last decade of Monday night games. Less than ideal. Not optimal at all. Fairly horrific. 

However, there is now a chance there will be 3 games on Monday…which means we could be playing Monday DAY Football, in which our WFT is undefeated in. I have never seen us lose a game on a Monday afternoon. So that would be fantastic.

Pretty bummed the all-Sunday schedule has now been ruined, but if we can get a Monday afternoon game out of it, that'll make it worth it. And maybe we can get more afternoon games moving forward. With more people working from home than ever, having more day games (in all sports) gotta be a thing.