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Man Pulled a Gun on a Drive-Thru Worker and Yelled "Give me a hamburger or I'll shoot you"...And He Still Didn't Get A Hamburger

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HP - A Florida man is accused of threatening to shoot a Checkers drive-thru clerk if he did not hand over a hamburger. Dechazo Harris, 27, drove up to the drive-thru order window after 1:30 a.m. on March 29, the Sun-Sentinel reports. Police in West Palm Beach said that Harris placed an order and pulled around to the pick-up window, where he decided that he wanted to change his meal. The employee at the second counter informed Harris that he would have to drive around again.

WPTV reports:

Police say that Harris then pulled a gun on the manager and said “give me a hamburger or I’ll shoot you.” The manager refused and Harris, according to police, said “Bro you don’t know who I am.” Harris was later identified and booked on aggravated assault charges.


There is A LOT going on here in such a small story. It’s actually really complicated, with lots of points to touch. So we’ll do it the old fashioned way.

1) You absolutely cannot change your meal once you’ve already ordered. That’s a stagnant rule of mine. All the time I’ll order something and pull up to the window, only to realize I wanted a shake too. But that’s on me. That’s the responsibility I have when I go to the drive thru. Always know your order, it’s sociology 101. However, there is no shame in driving around and ordering again. I actually recommend you do it anyway, because even if you thought you knew your order, did you really know your order? Think about it.

2) I’ve always wondered this, and now it seems proven: When someone holds a gun to you for something like a hamburger, are they ever going to actually shoot? I say 90% of the time, they won’t shoot. And that makes you a pussy if you don’t shoot. Once you take out a gun and threaten to shoot someone over a hamburger, you can’t back out. That’s the pussiest shit I’ve ever heard. You can’t just throw out threats like that and not back them up.

3) Which brings us to point 3. The fucking drive thru manager willing to take his chances of getting shot over a hamburger. Woof. That’s rock bottom. Guy has a gun in his face and all he needs to do is hand over a shitty hamburger, and he says no. Like, his life is so indifferent that he’s willing to take his chances of being shot to death. It wasn’t like the guy asked for a sack of cash, he asked for a hamburger and the fast food employee couldn’t be bothered.