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Darrell Bevell Had A Hell Of A Weekend Between Being Named The Lions New HC And Finding Out Both Of His Daughters Are Being Proposed To



What a weekend for your boy Darrell Bevell. First he was named the interim head coach of the Lions, a big achievement and huge opportunity. And then before he could even change his LinkedIn, both of his daughters' boyfriends asked him permission to marry them. Bananas. If you're them, you gotta have a sense of the moment. Mr. Bevell just achieved the pinnacle his life's work so far, and then those rascals had to barge in and be like "oh by the way, what do you think about us marrying your daughters?"...which he might have accidentally spilled the beans on. 


Whoopsie daisies! He kinda just let that one slip out. To be fair though, those kids put the only other thing as important as becoming a head coach into his mind and it turned his brain into a Bavarian pretzel. So I don't blame Darrell Bevell one iota. What a weekend. And congrats to his daughters, pretty fun now they will be on 24x7 lookout, Pam Beesly style.