Remember That Alien Monolith That Appeared Then Disappeared In The Utah Desert? Yeah, Another One Was Popped Up In Romania

So Coley and Chief blogged this from their tinfoil hat prospective. Chaps blogged the exact location via a reddit user this morning. And now? Now we got ANOTHER monolith popping up way the fuck over in Romania:

What the fuck? I mean seriously, what the fuck? First off, where in the fuck is Romania? Over in southeastern Europe:

Aka FAR AS FUCK from the red sands of Utah. Because of that, I see there being three potential reasons for this new monolith popping up:

1. Aliens - self explanatory. No idea how or why they are planting Festivus poles on steroids all over the planet right now, but I don't like it. We must find these aliens and we must exterminate them if they are the perpetrators. Can't have em, won't have em. Hopefully President Trump has the nuclear football on standby. 

2. Someone from Romania got bored and is fucking with all of us - also self explanatory. People are bored during quarantine, and there's no better way to curb boredom than by causing mass hysteria on the internet. I haven't checked the validity of the tweet showing the Romanian monolith, and I won't because I'm lazy, but assuming it's a real pic and not just a photoshop or some shit, taking the time to build and plant a monolith then troll with it on the internet is a good way to get rid of the Coronavirus blues.

3. Jimmy Kimmel or someone else in Hollywood is using this as a big ruse for some sort of future promotion. A+ work if that's the case, but still, fuck you guys. You had us all tricked and I am on to you, you dirty buttholes. 

There's prolly a few more good conspiracies floating around out there, but this is what I got off the top of my head. Nevertheless, I'm kinda freaked out. If there was ever going to be an alien invasion, it'd be in 2020 the year of our lord. What would be a more appropriate way to end this dog shit year and not see out the White Sox chase for the Commissioner's Trophy than being wiped out by extraterrestrials? Not sure there would be.

Discuss amongst yourselves in the comment section, and then tune into myself, Kate, Glenny Balls and Brandon Fucking Walker moving Merch in the escape room tonight. See ya'll there. Hopefully the aliens wipe us out asap so I don't have to deal with Brandon's shit for too long tonight.