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NBA Free Agency Has Unofficially Officially Begun

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“Oh hey Kev, shit, we ummm don’t have any chairs, why don’t you go ask those people over there if you can borrow one”



And we’re off, the unofficial official beginning of NBA Free Agency. Nothing has begun but come on, everyone knows that things are moving. We have Lebron meeting with Kevin Love, letting his shithead friends have a chair over his teammate that he’s trying to get to FIT IN



Love these two guys, “maybe if I stare directly at my plate Lebron won’t make me get up”


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As for the Bulls, well there are rumors that Jimmy Butler wants a 1 year deal with the Lakers


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And had dinner with Thibs on Friday night at Gibson’s, apparently to talk about the Lakers??


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My level of anxiety over this? 0.0. Anyone who thinks Jimmy Butler won’t be a Bull on opening night next year has zero understanding of how contracts work. The Bulls hold all the power. I don’t care if Jimmy wants to go to the Lakers, I don’t care if there are a 20 teams that want to sign him, the Bulls will match any contract he’s offered. The real question is can they persuade him to sign a long term deal instead of a 2 year deal that would make him an UFA in 2017 when the cap is expected to soar. That probably won’t happen, but for the next 2 years Jimmy is going to be a Bull.




And finally, in the most important news, the glue that holds everything together is back. This is how you captain a team Lebron, you opt IN not OUT. You don’t think Kirk would have liked to explore free agency? Of course he would, but he knows the Bulls need him now more than ever.

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*Silently weeps*