It Sounds Like Daniel Jones Avoided A Serious Hamstring Injury And May Be Able Play This Sunday Vs. The Seahawks

What, you thought some little pesky hamstring injury was going to take down Danny Grit while his team is in first place and battling for a playoff spot? HA!!! Does this look like a guy that happily will bow out and collect his game check instead of doing everything possible to help the team?

If Daniel Jones gutting it out until his leg gave out wasn't enough to inspire you, maybe this quote will do the job.

Honestly, can you get a bigger cosign by a Football Guy like Coach Judge than that quote? God dammit I am proud to have Daniel Jones as my QB1.

Now as someone who is susceptible to hamstring cramps while making love and also watched Jose Reyes play for his favorite baseball team for years, I can confirm that hammies are a tricky part of the body that need to be fully healed before engaging in physical activity and I am terrified of my little lamb Daniel rushing back because he is the epitome of a leader that will go out there for the everyone in the locker room and cheering the G-Men from home. In this case, having a quarterback with a giant heart and bigger balls could actually work against him.

But if those hamstrings, for lack of a better word, hamstring Daniel from being Danny Dimes with his arm or Danny Scoots with his legs, that will be a problem. I think the Giants have a real chance to take at least one of the three upcoming games against playoff bird teams (Seahawks, Cardinals, and Ravens) that will probably be necessary to take home the division we are currently in first place in if Danny is healthy. However, based on what I saw yesterday, I don't feel nearly as good about Big Blue's chances if Colt McCoy is under center. If you want to win a game against Russell Wilson, Kyler Murray, and Lamar Jackson, you will need a weapon under center calling the shots and our weapon currently has some faulty parts. Something tells me that Danny just may be tough enough to gut it out considering he was asked to play one of the most physically demanding on offense.

As always, we fully believe in everything Coach Judge decides to do with the most important player in the franchise. Shout out to everyone in the Daniel Jones Hype Group and the Danny Dimes Hammy Hype Group for all the good juju building up our sweet prince before this report came out and shout out to the #Colt45 Colt McCoy Hype Group for being ready to build up our QB2 if he becomes QB1 for a week or so.

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