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How About The Twitter Eggs At Bleacher Report Saying The People's Golfer Jim Renner Was One of the Biggest Losers of the Weekend?



Bleacher ReportA waterball midway through his Sunday round sunk Jim Renner, “The People’s Golfer.” But really it was the defection of his army of Barstool Sports staff over the weekend that started Renner’s slow bleed. Irrepressible Boston homer, David Portnoy (Barstool’s founder), followed the native Bostonian Thursday and Friday at TPC River Highlands. Clad in green “Renner’s Army” tees, Portnoy and his compatriots inspired Renner to an opening-round three-under 67. He followed up his good work Thursday with a Friday 68 to his troops’ delight. Over the weekend, though, when his army left active duty, Renner faltered, carding a pair of even-par rounds to finish tied for 48th. The People’s Golfer deserves four rounds of his army’s support!


How about the twitter eggs over at Bleacher Report saying The People’s Golfer was one of the biggest losers of the weekend? Umm what planet are they on? Renner had his best finish of the year on tour. The trees were singing his name the entire weekend. We had an army of hundreds following him around all weekend including Saturday. We were there for 54 holes. I was there Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Get your facts straight. Yeah I missed Sunday because my vacation started in Nantucket. That’s right 30 days on island. I delivered way too many papers to miss my ferry. But still it was a great weekend. I had a blast following around Renner and he played solid golf. If anything he was the biggest winner of the weekend. He’s a folk hero now.  A true legend.  Sure Bubba won the tournament but he’s a cocksucker. I’d rather be Renner any day of the week and twice on Sunday. (except I’d prefer Bubba’s fame and fortune and life)


PS – Hey Pres chill with the forearms.  It’s a family event.