Adam Gase Denying That He's Taken Over the Jets Play Calling is Sadness in Human Form

Remember a few weeks ago when Adam Gase handed the game controller of his almost record-settingly atrocious offense over to his coordinator Dowell Loggains? And how ever since he's denied that he's still at the helm? Even yesterday when Chris Mortensen said he was taking over again?

Well after yesterday's game against the Dolphins, when the Jets had a field goal on their opening drive and never scored again, where they put together two drives of 65+ yards and five of less than 10 yards, you can't really blame a guy for lying about being involved. Unless, that is, it's obvious to everyone that you are because you're doing it right in front of them. Consider this exchange:

Gase: “I didn’t take over. We’ve done the same thing the last four games.” 

Reporter: “We were watching Dowell for the whole game. He wasn’t doing anything. He was just standing there.” 

Gase: "He tells me -- It’s not hard. This is not hard. We go through it the drive before. ‘Hey, these are the three plays.’ I do the third downs.” 

Another reporter: "So what happens after the three plays? We were watching one where Dowell was talking to [offensive line coach] Frank Pollard. He wasn't calling the plays. You were."

Gase: “What part of the game was it? Yeah, when we got down then I was trying to do some of the two-minute stuff."

Also Gase:

Giphy Images.

I swear that if I was capable of any real human emotion when it comes to the Jets besides pure hilarity, I'd almost feel bad for the guy. Instead, I guess I should go for a kind of grudging admiration. He's so committed to the lie he might as well be Constanza driving his in laws to a house in the Hamptons that doesn't exist. They know he's lying. He knows they know he's lying. They know he knows they know. But he's holding on to this slim hope they'll quit calling his bluff and just take his word for it so he can turn the car around and go home. 

Worse still, you can hear it in his voice as he tries to explain that he realizes how idiotic his system is. "See, Dowell calls three plays when we're on defense. Then he sends them to me so I can relay them to the huddle. Except on 3rd down. Or in the two-minute. And only I approve and the plays are ratified by a bicameral legislature, first by the lower house who can add amendments before sending it to the upper house who make their own changes before both houses conference to come up with a final play which is then sent back to me for my signature. It's not hard. But no, I'm not calling the plays, Dowell is." It's the most Jets thing of 2020. 

Amazingly, I thought I was done with this godforsaken franchise after Kevin's story about Manish Mehta made my morning. 

But nope. The goddamned Jets and everything their light touches are a nonstop, inexhaustible supply of ineptitude and unintentional comedy. Obviously Gase will be gone within minutes of the clock ticking 0:00 on the season, if not sooner. But regardless, if I'm advising Trevor Lawrence I'd tell him to stay in college another year. The stink of this franchise won't be gone when Gase is.