Rajon Rondo Taking All Of Dwyane Wade And Jimmy Butler's Money Gambling On The Bulls Team Plane Is Peak Rondo

Now that Rajon Rondo is off the Lakers I can go back to loving everything about him. I'm very excited to see him on the Hawks next year and what he can do to help develop Trae Young. That should be an exciting experiment.

So if you're telling me DWade is going to tell a story about how Rondo hustled both out of a bunch of money, including 50K from Wade, I'm all ears. That might be the least surprising story I've ever heard. I was actually shocked that this wasn't all through Rondo hustling everyone on the planet in Connect Four. That's his jam 

Imagine the feeling of not even caring if you lose 50K? That alone makes my brain hurt. I bring $200 to the craps table and I'm sweating the entire time hoping I hit the midnight at like 35 to 1. Just another difference between a blogger and one of the best NBA players ever I suppose. 

The real surprise to this story though is the Jimmy Butler part. I can't believe he let Rondo live after taking his money. Wade I can get, he seems like an easy going guy who is down to fuck around and be entertained. Jimmy Butler does not strike me as a guy that has that same mentality. Doesn't matter if it's 50K or 500 bucks, I cannot imagine he was cool with losing. I guess Rondo really was the alpha of that 2016-17 Bulls team. Pretty sure had he not gotten hurt, they beat the Celts in that first round series, Rondo was awesome during that playoff run.

Stories like these are why I desperately wanted Rondo to return to Boston this offseason. I get why he didn't, I mean the Hawks are giving him over $8M a year or some shit. But these are the stories I want. I want to hear about the boardgame battles that could have happened between Rondo and Grant. I want to hear about Rondo taking all this new money the two Jays have after signing their extensions. I miss Rondo so goddamn much and stories like this only make me miss him more. 

Alright, for old times sake, cue the highlights!