Wanda Icardi Celebrated 'Getting To Where She Wanted To Be' By Riding A Horse Naked, As One Does

I'll be honest, I love how much Wanda Icardi doesn't give a fuck. I've blogged about her before because she knows content. It started with this blog when I introduced her and her backstory:

Let me clarify once more. She was married to Maxi Lopez before she left him for his teammate Mauro Icardi. Pretty standard that it should be a no-no but soccer players don't listen to rules I guess. But she's more content than that. She's a professional who only has sex with her husband after wins

She's a fan favorite too! She openly admits she posts naked Instagrams for people to like. 

And now she's riding a horse naked to celebrate her getting to where she wanted to be. I have no idea what that means. I just copied the comment and translated it. I'm shocked there wasn't a squad line somewhere in there too. Just really hit the trifecta. Gotta admit of all things to do naked, riding a horse has to be low on the list. Just can't be comfortable. Too much bouncing and too much that can go wrong. You don't care though, so here's pictures