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Someone Printed Out A Huge Flag Of Kim Kardashian Blowing Ray J And Waved It At A Kanye Performance

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I actually feel real bad for Kanye with this shit, like part of me wouldn’t want to trade lives with him because of it. I know that sounds totally insane but it’s kind of true. It’s kind of like how I wouldn’t trade lives with Phil Kessel if I had to look like Phil Kessel. Yeah, Kanye’s life is undoubtedly better than mine. He’s infinitely richer and cooler than I’ll ever be. But you know what? People don’t attack me with pictures of my wife sucking some other dude’s cock everywhere I do. I don’t get it tweeted at me nonstop. It doesn’t get printed on a flag and waved in my face when I’m just trying to perform Blood On the Leaves. Is that worth $30 million a year? I don’t know. Seems like the kind of thing that would eventually make me/Kanye snap and kill someone. Can’t spend that money lavishly when you’re in prison.