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Real Life Castaway Rescued After They Found Him Clinging To His Capsized Boat


CBS - A 62-year-old boater who had been missing since Friday was found Sunday clinging to his capsized vessel off of Florida's Atlantic coastline, the U.S. Coast Guard said. The agency had been searching for signs of Stuart Bee and his 32-foot boat since he was reported missing on Friday.

A crew onboard the 225-foot container ship Angeles spotted Bee some 86 miles off of Cape Canaveral on Sunday, the Coast Guard said in a Twitter post. The post included dramatic images of the rescue.



At first I was like "meh, only 2 days lost at sea, that's nothing". But then I got to thinking- how many people find themselves lost at sea every year that don't get found? I mean, the ocean is SO BIG. And that's an understatement. So when you're floating around on a block of wood in the middle of the Atlantic, with nothing in sight, knowing at any moment a shark could rip your legs off from under you, chew them up, and spit them into your face, that sounds TERRIFYING. At any moment a wale could decide to play soccer with your body.



That's all I'd be thinking about the whole time. When does the ocean come for me. Or how do I get myself onto an island where I can fuck a volleyball. Those are the only two rational scenarios that would play out in my mind. But thankfully for him, a boat happened to spot him before any of that happened. Seems pretty much impossible. 

And this all begs the question- how long until you let go and just let the ocean have its way with you? At some point you get hungry, and sure you are technically in the biggest sushi restaurant in the world, but I'm not exactly sure that's how sushi works. I have never made sushi, but I'm not positive you can grab a fish out of the water and take a bite. I think I'd go 4 days before calling it a life. 4 is fair. I'd be so hungry! 


PS: Kinda sucks he didn't get to wash up on island though. I never want to be a castaway at sea if I don't end up on a desert island. Takes all the fun out of the story. Like, you can't really tell someone at a party you were a real life castaway and then be like "but I was rescued after 2 days". Uhhh cool bro, you went on a cruise?