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This Is The Softest Call In NFL History

This was called a "blindside hit" and took a punt return touchdown right off the board. I'm not one of those people who likes to say "if they're going to call it like this just put flags on them." HOWEVER, if they're going to call it like this just be done with it and put the fucking flags on them. That was the textbook definition of good, hard-nosed football. What the hell is Anfernee Jennings supposed to do there, just let his guy get tackled and get reamed out in the film room on Monday afternoon? 

"But coach! I saved us 15 yards from the spot of the foul!" 

"Tell it to the unemployment line, son."

Zeke Turner legitimately braced for impact. He lowered his shoulder to engage in contact with Jennings. That, alone, should negate the word "blindside" from the discussion. Getting penalized for good football isn't a crime but it really should be. I'll be calling the Foxboro police department repeatedly the rest of the afternoon to make sure this official faces every extent of the law after robbing Gunner of his rightful touchdown.