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Congratulations To Carson Wentz, Who Appears To Be Losing His Starting Job Despite Not Even Having A Game Today

Elsa. Getty Images.

I mean…that has to be it, right? I don't care if this is just some desperate attempt at gamesmanship before the Seattle game from Doug. The moment this report comes out, there is no possible way that anyone can consider Carson Wentz the franchise quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles moving forward. This isn't like Taysom Hill getting some first team reps in place of old ass Drew Brees. This is Carson Wentz in what should be the prime of his career, just a couple seasons removed from being a legitimate league MVP contender, now losing first team reps at practice to a 2nd round draft pick. At the very least, this organization has absolutely zero confidence in Carson Wentz moving forward. At the very most, they're looking for an exit strategy. 

And it sucks. Because despite how tragically awful he's been this season, deep down inside we all know that there was some greatness in Carson Wentz. We all felt it during that stretch in 2017. We all know what was there and what could have been. But the Eagles did exactly what Doug Pederson warned us about. They screwed him up and completely wasted him. 

Instead of getting Carson Wentz some weapons to work with at receiver, this team went out and they signed 50-year-old Desean Jackson and then drafted some piece of shit out of Stanford who will be out of the league by this time next year. Instead of bulking up on guys who can protect Carson on the line, the Eagles wasted a draft pick on some rugby player from Australia who never played football before, and continue to bring back 70-year-old Jason Peters. Instead of hiring somebody who can design and scheme an offense that works for Carson, or at the very least create some sort of competent looking offensive scheme in general, the Eagles decided to go into this season without a proper offensive coordinator because why the fuck not. 

I'm not making excuses for Carson. He has been total dog shit this year all on his own. But the Eagles did him not a single goddamn favor along the way. They didn't do a damn thing to help out their supposed franchise quarterback. Howie Roseman fucked this team from the inside out, Doug Pederson lost control of the wheel, and Carson is getting ejected through the front windshield right now. It's sad to watch, but there's really no turning back at this point. Because regardless of how bad Jalen Hurts will look out there--and trust me, he'll look pretty damn bad--there's just no way that Carson gets to keep the keys to this team anymore. If the team doesn't trust him now, they'll never fully trust him later. 

Sidenote: I'm a huge Jalen Hurts fan. Big Bama guy over here so I was pumped about the draft pick right off the hop. But the reason I loved the pick so much is because I know that Jalen is an incredible locker room guy. He's a kid who I thought would go in there and really benefit that locker room right away. I know that the 2nd round is a little high to spend a pick just on locker room culture, but I was fine with it. What I didn't like the pick for, however, was Jalen Hurts as a starting quarterback in the NFL. Personally I don't see it. Maybe there's some hope for him but it sure as shit isn't with this team and this offense. So whatever hope he might have had is already going to get crushed if he has to take the starting role here in Philly. The Eagles claimed themselves to be a Quarterback Factory, and they're about to ruin the careers of two of them in the matter of a season. Might be time to close down the factory.