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College Basketball Refs Are The Most Worthless, Incorrect, Biggest Losers On The Planet

Every single college basketball ref should quit and be ashamed for even being called a ref. This isn't a foul. The fact they went to the fucking replay and reversed the call just shows how goddamn stupid these people are. There isn't a more worthless person in the world than a college basketball ref. This is embarrassing. This is ruining the sport. This is why you deserve to lose your job to a robot. This is why you deserve to be ridiculed. Why? They won't have to answer for shit. They don't get a press conference. They hide. They are pieces of shit that ruin an entire sport. Fuck you refs. Fuck you to hell. Answer a real question or get your old ass off the court. 

Speaking of which the fact this got reversed is the biggest travesty in sports. How do you see this and go yep that's an offensive foul. This happens EVERY FUCKING GAME. But these pieces of shit refs don't notice the difference. Fuck out of here. I'm not saying they rigged the game, but they made sure the outcome was what they wanted. Fuck you forever.