The Lions Have Fired Matt Patricia


Damn. Can't say it's shocking, but damn. Matt Patricia another guy off the Bill Belichick coaching tree who didn't pan out as the head coach. He has been fired after back to back blowout losses, 20-0 to the Panthers and then 41-25 on Thanksgiving, to bring his career head coaching record to a clumsy 13-29-1.


While I can't claim to know a ton about Bob Quinn, what I do know is he never put together a full team in Detroit. Through shoddy drafting and bad free agent signings, the Lions made the playoffs once with him at the helm, in 2016. It's been downhill since then, and it appears Thanksgiving was the final straw.

Poor Lions fans, as a fan of the Washington Football Team, I feel for you. Like us, you're another team who just gets beat on the head with a sledge hammer every season, and nothing ever changes. The one time you make a "cool" head coaching hire, it blows up in your face. Sorry guys, I know it's not easy. 

As for Matt Patricia, I'm sure he'll be a coordinator in the league for another 20 years if he so desires. But as a head coach, woof, it just did not work at all. But at his next job, he's gotta get rid of the pencil bit. Such a bad bit.