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This NC State QB Launching The Ball Out Of His Own End Zone Just Dethroned Dan Orlovsky For The Worst Safety In Football History

Panic city population NC Sate. It's always an interesting strategy rolling with the ol' launch the football in any which direction to avoid a sack play. Never wanna be the QB to hold onto the ball too long. This NC State QB refused to let that happen, credit to him. Now did this fella throw the ball completely backwards through his own end zone resulting in a safety? Yeah, that certainly did happen. Based off how this Syracuse season has gone it's remarkable they were on the right side of this one. As I type this we're actually winning? That cannot be accurate. 

I think this takes the cake for the worst safety in football history. It won't get talked about enough because it's a Syracuse-NC State game, but if I'm Dan Orlovsky I'm popping some champagne.

Still hilarious every time I watch it.